• [EASY CUTTING] – This Mango peeler and slicer works as a unique mango knife, with a sharp stainless steel blade, slicing through mangos with one smooth motion. Make mango slices out of any raw or peeled mango without tedious use of a kitchen knife.
  • [COMFORT-GRIP HANDLES] – This mango slicer and corer soft, No-slip handles ensure you have solid and comfortable hold. Make a mango slice with ease!
  • [EASY TO CLEAN] – This mango cutter and peeler is easier than ever to clean! After using the fruit peeler, simply rinse under hot water with some dish soap. The mango peeler & slicer is also dishwasher safe.
  • [GREAT FOR COOKING] – This mango slicer, peeler, & corer is great for any recipe. Easily prepare mangos to be turned into mango pulp for any dessert recipe, or cut your mangos to be put in a mango shredder or blender.
  • [FREE GIFT + 100% SATISFACTION] – For a short time, a Free finger protector gift (7$ value) comes with every mango peeler machine order! We guarantee you will be satisfied with the result and your free gift! Reach out to us If you have any questions or concerns.

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Product Overview The mango corer and slicer is the best way to prepare your mangos! Whether you want to prepare a mango as a simple snack, or make an elaborate mango steam dessert recipe, there’s no better way to do it than with the mango slicer and peeler. This mango tool also serves as a multifunctional device, giving you the ability to slice and core any fruit of your choosing! With a high-quality composition and a sharp stainless steel blade, this mango slicer machine allows you to smoothly cut through any mango or fruit with ease. Soft, comfort-grip handles also ensure that you have a no-slip, solid hold for cutting several mangos or fruits at a time. After you finish cutting, simple throw away your mango peel and rinse the mango cutter slicer under some hot water with a little bit of dish soap. If you’re in a hurry, no worries! The mango peeler and cutter is also dishwasher safe, saving you the time from having to clean it by hand. To top everything off, we’ve decided to include a FREE finger guard gift with your order to ensure you will never cut yourself while using the slicer (limited time offer). This mango cutter is a kitchen must have and totally simplifies your cutting experience! Grab yours Today! Features Free Finger Guard Gift Included with Your Purchase! Slice Through Mangos with Ease Multifunctional Tool Allows You to Slice Other Fruits Too Sharp Stainless Steel Blade Soft, Comfort-Grip, No-Slip Handles Super Easy to Clean Great for Preparing Mangos as A Snack Or For Any Recipe Better Than Traditional Fruit Slicers, Peelers, and Corers 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Mango Slicer About Us At KUR Live Simple, we believe in providing our customers with only the best household and kitchen goods. Our goal is to make your life simpler

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