Ride on with the E6 M365 Pro Electric Scooter,  dual-brake system, featuring an electronic front braking system and rear mechanical disc brake mechanism. The electronic brake helps to prevent locking up under braking, which is great for improving safety on low-grip surfaces. The rear mechanical brake adds extra stopping power and efficiency, enabling the E6 M365 Pro Electric Scooter to come to a quick but controlled halt.

The large 8.5-inch front and rear honeycomb tyres feature impressive shock absorption and anti puncture. This makes the E6 M365 Pro Electric Scooter suitable to ride on smoother cement surfaces but also light off-road terrain such as grass and gravel. Coupled with a 350W brushless motor for stable power output, E6 M365 Pro Electric Scooter is designed  to deliver a smoother riding experience.

Everything about the E6 M365 Pro has been cleverly thought out, from the honeycomb tyres that provide a smooth, comfortable ride to its solid construction that quickly folds away, taking up minimum space when storing in your car or on public transport. Plus, its super easy to control - simply push down on the electronic throttle paddle on the handlebars to increase your speed or pull on the dual brake lever to stop. There's even a digital speedometer built into the handlebars to show how fast you're going and what the remaining battery life is, so you can keep track at a glance and know how far to stray before you have to charge it

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